Hisao Nakai Edit

  • Older brother to Hirako
  • More formal and mature than his sibling
  • Prefers reading, chess, and being with his friends rather than playing games
  • Despite Hirako's dislike of him, Hisao tries his best to be a good older sibling and be involved in his brother's life
  • Patient and kind
  • 16 years old
  • Eventually ends up being a high ranking member in the KoB guild and requests Hirako to be assigned as his bodyguard so he can keep an eye on him
  • short dark blueish hair, square glasses, tall, azure eyes

Hirako Nakai Edit

  • Younger brother to Hisao
  • Not at all formal
  • Impulsive and outgoing
  • Loves playing games with his friends and doing sports
  • Dislikes Hisao for unknown reasons and rarely interacts with him nicely
  • Feels disrespected or powerless at times because Hisao usually ignores his opinions/requests to be left alone
  • 13 or 14 years old
  • Joins the KoB to have fun but is forced into serving under his brother, despite his protests
  • Black short and unkempt hair, green eyes, kind of shortish on the size (about liz's size)

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