• The story starts with Kyou walking the streets of Akihabara with a folded up ad for a limited edition Meruru figure.
  • He will be thining to himself of how he got into that situation of buying something for his brat sister, which recalls all canon events before now (pretty much everything in episode 1).
  • He will then go into a flashback of Kirino asking him for a favor.
    • She will be too busy with work and ask him to go buy something for her, before shoving the ad in his hand and walking out the door.
  • An announcement will shake him from the flashback and into the present, saying that the sale is about to end.
  • He starts running to try and make it in time but runs into Ruri right in front of the shop, who is carrying some stuff she bought.
  • They both fall down, making her things scatter. After apologizing, he helps her pick everything up just in time for the sale to end.
  • Ruri would start asking why was he running and he says it's to buy some Meruru crap for his sister.
  • This makes Ruri annoyed and she goes on a rant of why Meruru sucks and Maschera is so much better; after a while, Kyousuke agrees.
  • So, after a while she says she has to go somewhere and they depart.
  • Kyou gets home, and Kirino gets mad with him and demands a reason for why he didn't buy her item.
  • He kind of evades the answer and then asks her whether she has any friends who are into anime and games like her.
  • She says no, which prompts him to suggest she do so. Eventually she finds Saori's group and sets up the meet.
  • At the meet, he recognizes Ruri as she walks but she does not see him. He decides to try and hide so he doesn't cause a scene of anything.
  • After the meeting is over, he goes comfort Kirino since she was so quiet and didn't interract with anybody.
  • Ruri recognizes him and starts talking about how Kirino must be the spoiled sister who sent her brother to buy stupid Meruru crap.
  • Kirino gets pissed and asks whether he knows that wierd girl with bad tastes or something before talking shit about Maschera, and then asking Kyou to tell her how Meruru is better.
  • And then after arguing a bit Ruri would say that when they met that day even Kyou agreed that Meruru is kind of dumb.
  • Kyou would have to agree.
  • Kirino would get devastated and mad with him. Then Saori would fix up things like she always does.

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