• Imprisoned in the eighth level of Muken, in the cell beside Aizen.
  • He would start a conversation with Aizen, saying that he managed to store a little bit of Reiatsu, enough to use his Kido technique to absorb other person's souls.
  • He would ask for a very very small share of Aizen's own power; Aizen agrees to do so but also declines the offer to join him in the escape.
  • With the tiny share of his soul Aizen gave him, would be enough for him to break the Sekki Sekki shackles.
  • After absorbing the soul of the first guard that comes to his cell, the man begins his escape.
  • Shunsui will sense this, sound the alarm, and quickly make his way to the prison complex in an attempt to prevent the escape.
  • The shinigami, already gone from Muken, will have regained enough Reiatsu from souls to use kidou to hide his spiritual pressure by the time Shunsui arrives.
  • All of this is told during an interrogation of Aizen, who decides to confess it all since there is not anything else they can do to him.
  • He will describe the soul absorption and any details he knew about the man as graphically as possible in order to get a rise out of the guards.
  • At the end he will say something like "You better watch yourselves; compared to him, I was nothing but an annoyance."

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