• Ria decides to visit Kyou on her own for a more serious reason while Kirino is still in the US and she would ask for Kyou's help with something involving Kirino (at Kirino's request).
    • Maybe she is not the same, or is not training correctly or is all sad and stuff.
    • This will replace Kirino messaging Kyou, but more later on when Kyou and Ruri are already dating.
  • Ria will not immediately say this though, and just claim she wanted to see Kirino's home country.
  • Kyou reluctantly agrees to be her "tour guide" at the request of Kirino and his mother and asks Ruri to help out.
  • One day they take her to Akihabara, where Ruri tries to show her all the things she likes (mainly Maschera related things); Ria doesn't find it that interesting and gets distracted by Meruru on the big screens.
  • Another day, they take Ria to the pool and while she is swimming like a pro, Kyou is helping teach a nervous Ruri how to swim.
    • At one point, Ria steals Ruri's bikini top and runs around with it; Kyou is torn between helping hide his girlfriend from prying eyes and trying to get her top back from Ria.
  • Kyou go visit Kirino, but take Ruri with him, so when they get there, we could have a pretty dramatic fight involving Ruri and Kirino.

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