Human WorldEdit

  • 3 will be loacated here
  • Events surrounding their revival will not be covered

Hueco MundoEdit

  • 2 will be located here - both are twins.
  • (insert leader's name here) will rush Urahara's shop to gain access to his portal shortly after unsealing his minions in the Soul Society.
  • Inoue Orihime will be killed in the brief fight to try and stop him from using the portal.
    • She is killed in a way that her soul is destroyed and she does not return to the Soul Society.

Soul SocietyEdit

  • 1 will be located under the Shinigami Accademy
    • Released first
    • Accademy is destroyed in the process
  • 1 will be located under the Kuchiki clan's home
    • Released second

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