Kirito Edit

  • Kirito is waiting for his copy of SAO to arrive in the mail. He sits at the window, waiting eagerly, when Suguha knocks. She tries to talk to him, but he does his best to ignore her.
  • She goes away sadly and the mailman eventually arrives at the door. Kirito runs downstairs and signs for it immediately.
  • Sugu notices this and once again tries to talk to him, concerned and depressed. He pushes past her and locks himself in his room.
  • She eventually gives up, crying this time. He is somewhat sad about this but soon gets over it as he loads up SAO.

Asuna Edit

  • Asuna rarely gets to spend time with her father because of his heavy work schedule but regardless, she still enjoys being around him and is excited when he promised to take her on a little trip with him and no work stuff to deal with.
  • When it gets closer to the date he had set, something with his company comes up and he must cancel, so he buys SAO for her as an apology.
  • While she is a moderate fan of games and has played a couple MMO's to stop from being bored (her mother doesn't care as long as she keeps good grades), this gift is not enough to keep her from being upset at losing time spent with her father.

Yuuki Edit

  • her sister had bought the game to play, but decided to let Yuuki play it first to cheer her up after heraing Yuuki had been bullied at school.
  • she doesn't trust players to begin with, it makes even more sense why she would be all on her own when Kirito and Asuna find her.
  • Perhaps the students found out about her condition because she had started treatment.
  • this made Yuuki apprehensive about getting the treatment because it made her a target for their bullying.
  • The gift could be a way of cheering her up and encouraging her to go forward with it.

Lisbeth Edit

  • Her life would be good, almost perfect. She would have a nice family, a brother that she is in good terms with, and a boyfriend (seems like the perfect guy). She would have good grades and everything else
  • Eventually this would take a turn for the worse. Her Boyfriend would start acting strange, always making it so she seemed a bit off his mind. Her brother would start to neglect her because he got a girlfriend for himself. And her parents would get more workload.
  • Eventually, she would discover her boyfriend was cheating on her. Not only that, but he never liked her from the start, he was with her because she had money he needed to buy things for his other girl. Her Brother would start to completely neglect her, and eventually bugger off from talking to her at all, as all the conversation she had with him was about things involving manga/anime (which her boyfriend did plenty and is how she got into games). So, without boyfriend, she had dead talks with her brother. And her parents, with a harder workload, would not pay as much attention to her or her things. They would not even try to solve her problems because they did not have time.
  • So from all that anger, she eventually goes away from home in the middle of the night (around 8 PM) to avoid her now not so perfect family. She runs and runs, crying until she stops at a park and stays there thinking for a while (whilst crying as well), thinking of how her life went downhill. Eventually she would start walking slowly through the city, not really looking to where she went
  • Eventually she would bump into someone that was at the end of a line for a game store where they would sell copies of SAO. So, after talking with whichever random person she bumped into, and that person explaining about VR, she sees it as a way to flee away from life
  • She stays in the line, buys the game and a nerve gear (she is rich), and goes back home, straight into her bedroom. She falls asleep with the nerve gear in hands.


  • He and his wife, both big fans of games, have just received their copy of SAO. Because of money restriction, and the need to keep the shop open, they only managed to get one copy and are trying to decide who will play first.
  • After they lightly/playfully argue over who will, they decide to play rock, paper, scissors to settle it.
  • Agil just barely wins, much to his wife's dismay. He tries to change his mind and let her play, but she doesn't allow it.
  • Just as is about to connect, they share one last moment together.

Argo Edit

  • Hardcore gamer, otaku that manages forums and internet chats as well as being sort of famous in those regards. Known as Argo the <insert title here> for her suprisingly amount of info knowledge, being able to help out a lot of people and such.
  • She would be around a forum, and that forum managers were doing a giveaway of a SAO copy and a NERVgear. She, of course, wins it. She gets it, and uses it straight away

Klein Edit

  • He is with an actual girl, but has no idea of what to do.
  • He is walking around the street with her, not even worried about SAO, He tries to make attempts to impress her but fails miserably.
  • Eventually he runs into this large crowd, which surrounds a person in a fight with another person because of the game. Klein, in his stupid attempt to impress the girl gets in between and tries to separate them. Eventually he accidentally insults them and they get angry at Klein instead, forgetting about the game.
  • Klein runs away, but gets the game package in one hand and grabs the girl with his other hand. After running for a while, they eventually stop in an alley.
  • The girl already pissed off and Klein still trying to self promote himself.
    • "See how I grabbed that thing? I separated the fight! Even though they're angry and at and..."
  • The girl eventually runs out of patience, slaps him hard, and goes away. Looking down at the package, he sighs and walks way to try and give it back.
  • He eventually finds the game's owner but, before he can even give it back or say he has it, they tell him to fuck off...
  • He stays with the thing in anger, walks off (temporarily forgetting he still has the game), and only realizes he has it when he gets home. He shrugs and decides to try it out since there's nothing he can do about it now because of the time.

Silica Edit

  • She's one of the only people helping clean up after a science club (which she is in because of her family's interest in the sciences) experiment.
  • There is a boy named Takashi, who is the newest member and Silica had been one of the people that the teacher in charge had put in charge of helping him ease into the club. Naturally, she was kind and everything, which led to him developing a crush on her.
  • So after a week or so (which would be the present day in this prologue and the day before SAO's launch), he sees a chance to talk with her during cleanup.
  • They have some small talk about whatever before he eventually brings up the topic of NervGears. Takashi asks what she thinks of the tech and of SAO. Silica shows a little interest, but not too much (she is more into the sciences anyway).
  • He takes this as a good sign anyway and says that his uncle managed to buy him a copy of SAO, trying to impress her. So Takashi invites Silica to try it out with him.
  • The next day, they would get to Takashi's house and get the stuff from the mail.
  • Silica would follow a much more excited Takashi into his room and wait while he would unbox the thing. While he is explaining it to her, She would say it's better for her to just go if he is going to be "asleep".
  • He insists her to stay and says that she can give it the first try if she wants. He claims that he knows someone with extra copies, that may sell some to him and that she should try it, and if she likes it, he'll try and buy some for her.
  • She would agree, lay down, put the helmet on, and the rest is known.

Hisao and Hirako Nakai (oc brothers) Edit

  • Hisao's younger brother (Hirako) buys 2 copies; one is for him and one for a friend of his so they could play together.
  • He would arrive home someday really early and his big brother would be waking up to have breakfast, which would surprise Hisao because Hirako never gets up that early. He, as a good brother, would question it and Hirako would just ignore and go to his room.
  • Hisao would sigh, go to the kitchen and get some tea before heading upstairs with his cup of tea and see the door to his brother bedroom kind of open. He see him setting up a NERVgear, trying to set up SAO.
  • He enters it and asks what he's doing. Hirako, being a dick, says it's none of his business.
  • So, the elder brother tries  to get in the talk again and the younger brother again bugs him off. The Elder brother says that he is being Rude, and that he just wants to get more in his life. The younger brother says he wouldn't understand, but the elder insists.
  • Hirako finally explains that he got this new game for him and his friend so they would play together.The elder brother after a moment of silence asks if he can join up. The younger brother laughs and just says that it's not his thing. The elder brother would insist in getting into it, and the younger brother would let for 1 day.

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