‘It has been over a week already... since this all started... who would think that one day I would, out of my own will... well... not completely my own will... but mostly so, go out to buy a Mahou Shoujo DVD to my fourteen year old little sister...’ Kousaka Kyousuke reflected those thoughts inside his mind while walking through the bright and illuminated crowded commercial streets of the Akiba district, probably asking himself how he discovering his younger sister’s rather uncanny hobby would turn him into a catalyst to it.

                ‘Sigh... first I discover her hobby by mere accident, which I didn’t even make a big deal of at the time...’ he remembered the very moment, ten days past, where he unconsciously ran into his sister, making one of her secrets to fall onto the floor.

                ‘Then having to stay the whole day with the dirty DVD in my possession, and having to hide it from my parents...’ now remembering the moment his mother almost caught him holding it within his hands up in the air.

                ‘After that, when she gets home, I simply give it back to her, and then she wakes me up in the middle of the night asking to go into her room and start to give her advice about her hobby...’ he resumed, now with the perturbed mental vision of her hidden closet, full of pink Meruru figures and multiple piles of eroge.

                ‘And now she makes me go out late at night to but one of her DVD... sigh... just my luck, really...’ now recording the very last talk he had with Kirino.

                “But why am I the one to go buy it?! Can’t you go yourself?” Kyousuke argued over with his little sister, Kousaka Kirino.

                Kirino, obviously annoyed at her brother, then argued back, “You know very well that you agreed to give me advice, you promised it, stupid Kyousuke.”

                “Well, you already have plenty of them! Why don’t you watch over one of those that you have stored and probably never touch instead of making me go reasonless buy you a new one?!” Kyousuke replied with a reasonable argument.

                “I already watched those over plenty of times, I know what happens in each and every single one of them. I want something new, where I can watch some new thing over and over.”

                “Can’t you wait a little bit and buy it when it is available for internet purchase?”

                “Of course not, stupid Kyousuke!” Kirino proudly raised her head while proudly explaining, “This DVD is no average DVD. This is the newest and most exclusive version on the season one and two of Meruru, the Stardust Witch Meruru: Exclusive Director’s Cut Golden Edition and it is the loveliest ever released, and if I would wait for it to be released online, it would take about a month... maybe two...” She happily nodded to herself thinking of her hands on the DVD.

                “But don’t you have the season one and two of Meruru in plenty of other DVD? Why do you want another one?! Can’t you simply wait? It is just a DVD of something you already have, after all.” Kyousuke pointed.

                “Just a DVD?!” Kirino yelled while muttering something inaudible in very low voice, only to then continue her angered, loud speech. “This DVD is more important than you’ll ever be, stupid Kyousuke!” she yelled louder, threatening to hit Kyousuke while raising her right wrist.

                “Wait, wait, wait!” Kyousuke took some distance from his angered sister; he instinctually tried to defend himself using his arms in a slowdown sign to Kirino, even though she wasn’t hitting him yet.

                Kirino, slowly calming down from what she considered an insult from her brother, was still, however, annoyed. “Urgh... Doesn’t matter! You promised me you would help me! So, go already before the store sale’s end!”

                Kyousuke couldn’t do much but agree; he did promise he would help her. However, he still had a card up his sleeve in trying to convince his younger sister to not make him go buy her the DVD. “I’ll go then.” He paused, “But how do you expect me to explain my absence to our parents that late at night? Even if I snuck out, they would still catch me when I got back. And father wouldn’t be so easily convinced to any of the excuses we may pull out.” He made his point.

                “Huh...” Kirino thought for a moment, “I got it!” only to figure out an answer a few moments later, “Tell dad and mom you’re going to stay at Akagi’s!” she concluded.

                Kyousuke didn’t give up on his last chance of convincing her to not make him go. “And how to explain me being here early in the morning the next day?

                Kirino once more was cornered, and started to think in a solution. “Huh...” she continuously pitched.

                “If we can’t figure a good way of doing this without our parents finding out, I won’t―”

                “Wake up early and wait for everybody else to be up, then after a while, enter as if you had to come back home because Akagi had to do something and couldn’t keep you hosted.” Kirino interrupted Kyousuke before he could finish, to which she considered the genial solution for their problem.

                Kyousuke sweat dropped and then asked irritated “So, you want me to go out, return late at night and then wake up early in the following day for a DVD of something you already watched? That’s your plan?”

                Kirino simply cheerfully nodded to him with a smile “Don’t think you have any problems with it, do you?” she asked as her smile turned into a mean look directly into his eyes.

                With another short frightened stagger from Kirino’s devilish personality, Kyousuke chose to leave it be and simply nodded to her. “Fine, I’ll do it.” He paused to think in any objections he may still have, having only one in mind. “If I get in trouble with dad because of this...” he glared back to her mean look, although not as intensely, “You’ll have to repay me.”

                Kirino, startled at his change of personality spectrum for that short moment, simply agreed. “Ugh... fine.” Even though she agreed, she still stubbornly turn her had up and over, lifting her head as if she was completely sunk in proud that her plan would work. “Now get out of my bedroom!” she rudely ordered.

                With another sigh, Kyousuke simply retook his normal facial look and made his way out of her room, and into his own, preparing to leave in no more than an hour to satisfy his little sister’s wishes.

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