Shinji Gokou (Matt's OC)Edit

  • Somewhat famous and sucessful mangaka, author of Babel.
  • Older brother of Ruri (about 21 in age).
  • He'll appear the first time when Ruri is expelled or flees home. And him would be another reason of why she would flee.
  • He'll appear there, but that's because he is in some sort of vacation because the publisher for his manga is on a break itself. Just for a small time.
  • He'll appear more later, but it'll for fun times.
  • He is basically Matt in personality, about 1.79m tall, and shorter hair.
  • He dresses casually when he is not working.
  • He lives alone on the outskirts of Tokyo, in a somewhat big house.
  • Carries a notebook and takes notes of things that might give him ideas, as well as occasionally reads to review what was written.
  • He loves his sister (Ruri) of course, and wants the best for her while still in his/her parents care.
  • He becomes ok with the idea of her dating Kyou only after he thoroughly investigates and tests him.
  • During their childhood he played a large role in who she is today, including hobbies and outlook.
    • Ruri would always be shy, and he would come on and speak and defend her and stuff.
    • Even though he was lazy when as a child, he would always take care of his little sister.
    • One of the reasons Ruri wants Kyou and Kirino to do well togheter.
  • Eventually invites Kyou, Ruri, and their friends to his large house in the country for a weekend.
    • One night he arranges for Ruri and Kyou to be in the same hotsprings bath, where they decide to start dating.

Shu Hagry (Alex's OC)Edit

  • Name implies mixed Japanese-American heritage; born in America but knowledgable in Japanese language and culture thanks to his father.
  • American foreign exchange student in same program as Kirino.
    • Studying Japanese anime industry, with a focus on editing and animating.
    • As a result of a rooming error, he is forced to live with the Kosaka family while Kirino is gone.
  • Eventually paired with Ayase, although he still fears her just as much as Kyou does.
  • 16 years old and a sophomore in highschool; enrolls in Kyou's school while in Japan and later joins the game club.
  • Likes anime/manga but gets nervous/embarrassed when people even mention eroge.
  • Cousin of Ria Hagry on the father's side (their fathers are brothers).
    • Tends to lightly smack her in the head when she gets in trouble or otherwise annoys him.
    • Willing to help her and put up with her most of the time but quick to apologize when her actions go out of hand or offend others.
    • Tries to keep her mind 'innocent' and tries to hide perverted ideas/things from her, often going to great lengths to do so.
  • Brown hair, blue eyes, about 1.73m height
  • Personality same as Alex's:
    • Intelligent
    • Perceptive
    • Quiet
    • Kind
    • Likes to joke/tease close friends
    • Polite
    • Formal (mostly with adults, but also girls when first meeting them)
    • Doesn't like lying, but will if it is necessary
    • Loyal
    • Patient
  • Can't draw well, but still likes to try.
  • Much more skilled with computers and cameras.
  • Shinji eventually offers him an internship with the producers in charge of his anime adaptation, as a way of saying thanks for helping Kyou look after Ruri while she lives at the Kousaka house.

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