• Once her dad finds a Meruru figure or DVD (no games), Kirino would innitially blame deny it.
  • After Kirino runs away, Kyousuke would have a talk with Saori and Ruri at his new PC about it, and they would convince him eventually to help her.
  • On the next day he would comfront his dad once he starts complaining about those things with Kirino once more.
  • Later that same night Kirino would knock on his door, saying thank you and asking why did he help her if he doesn't even like those things.
  • He would simply answer cause she is her sister, and even if those things are stupid or something, he'll always help her.
  • So they would get friendly again and he will mention that Saori and Ruri played a part in it, and say that they would have never convinced him to help if they didn't like her.
  • That they may fight, but everyone has a taste in animes and stuff and even if he or Ruri don't like Meruru, she can like it as much as she wants.
  • She gets a bit mad with him for saying bad things about Meruru again but she quickly lets it go.

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