• Ruri will hear of a cosplay competition in town and, remembering what the girl said at the Comiket, she will decide to enter the contest to win and prove her wrong. To enter, however, you must do it in pairs where both people dress up as different characters from the anime. First place wins 15,000 yen ($150 US), second wins 10,000 yen, and third wins 5,000 yen.
  • She decides to give Kyou a call and ask him for his help (dressing up as Lucifer from Maschera), since they were able to win the previous one at the Comiket and he is the only one she can think of who might help her. He says that he can't because he was already helping Kirino with something else. She says she understands and hangs up.
  • The next day Ruri will come to the Kousaka house, asking Kirino for her permission to have Kyou to help her with the contest. Kirino at first says no but Ruri, in anticipation of this, pulls out the limited edition director's cut of Meruru that she got for her sisters the day that Kyou and her met (and which he failed to buy). In exchange for letting her borrow it, Ruri wants Kyou for the entire day of the contest, as well as the week leading up to it so they can prepare; Kirino readily agrees.

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