Rogue Shinigami LeaderEdit

  • Has the ability to use high level Kido
    • One is an ancient spell that allows the user to revive the dead, whose souls are not destroyed; they retain their full memories and personalities.
  • Shikai:
  • Bankai: able to convert his own life force, called vital power and of which there is a set amount, into reiatsu to boost his own power. There is no way to naturally recover one's vital power and once it is all used up, the person dies. All people (shinigami and humans) have this vital power and he can absorb it from those he kills to increase his own.
  • Despises humans for being so helpless and relying on shinigami to protect them. Because of this he seeks the total annihilation of all humans.

Minion 1Edit

  • second-in-command to *insert leader name here*
  • Zanpakuto's name:
  • Name of Bankai:
  • Shikai are based on the signs of the zodiac
    • Aries (The Ram) – Increases speed and knockback.
    • Taurus (The Bull) – Increases physical strength.
    • Gemini (The Twins) – Creates a doppleganger of him that is capable of either independent or controlled actions.
    • Cancer (The Crab) –
    • Leo (The Lion) – Blade vibrates so fast that it is not noticeable to the naked eye. These vibrations emit a high pitched noise that makes the enemy become hyper aware of noises, causing disorientation and confusion. A side effect of the vibrations if that the sword becomes much more capable in cutting.
    • Virgo (The Maiden) – Seriously increases deffensive and healing capabilities at the cost of a proportionate amount of spiritual energy.
    • Libra (The Scales) – Balances all of the user's current factors with the opponent. Examples include fatigue, reiatsu, pain, etc.
    • Scorpio (The Scorpion) – Each hit reduces the person's spiritual power by a certain amount. Effects stack and last for 24 hours.
    • Sagittarius (The Centaur/Archer) – Forms 6 blades of energy that he can fire at will. Once fired, they travel forward at high speeds but are unable to be redirected once in flight.
    • Capricorn (The Sea/Great Horned Goat) –
    • Pisces (The Fish) – Zanpakuto splits into 2 identical swords.
    • Aquarius (The Water Bearer) – Zanpakuto can change form at the wielder's will. While in this mode it takes on the appearance of flowing, almost water-like, reiatsu.
    • Ophiucus (The Snake Bearer) – With each successive hit, a mark with the symbol of a snake is placed on the enemy's body that slows their reaction times down more with every mark.
  • Bankai ability is to allow the use of any number of his shikai modes at one time.

Minion 2Edit

  • Shikai
    • Transformation – takes on the form of anybody the user has physically touched. New form persists until user wills it or runs out of reiatsu; activation of shikai not required once form is taken.
    • Mind control – allows user to seize control of a single target by making the zanpakuto turn ethereal and stabbing it into the target. Control persists until user wills it, runs out of reiatsu, or control is broken via an outside method.
  • Zanpakuto takes the form of a small blade.

Minion 3Edit

  • Shikai: cloaks himself in a suit of fire that increases his resistance to ice and, when he creates small explosive reactions in his armor, increases his speed.
  • Bankai: Zanpakuto begins generating large amounts of heat that slowly begins raising the temperature of the surrounding area. As the heat rises, the opponent becomes more fatigued and slows down while his armor becomes more effective and his speed rises. Eventually the heat will become so great that stone turns to molten lava and the opponent can die. The zanpakuto takes on the appearance of molten steel.

Minion 4Edit

  • Possesses a high natural speed.
  • shikai (Arashi): The minion is able to slash his sword and form barely visible blades of wind and it works whenever he focuses reiatsu in his blade. The blades of wind can be formed up to 5 seconds after he slashes it and are really sharp and able to cut through almost anything solid made out of normal materials.
  • Bankai (Arashi no Kami / Susano'o): Releases an inverted tornado of winds that are so fast and so strong that they are near impenetrable and will tear almost anything it touches to shreds; he is immune however and can pass through it at will. He can create a personal shield of no less than 10 meters or a large field barrier of 25 meters. Larger fields allow him to trap an enemy in a limiter area and to use his immunity to attack from anywhere the barrier is present.

Minion 5Edit

  • Brother of the twin pair; serves as the defender to his sister.
  • Appears to be around 14, along with his sister.
  • Only minions to survive and eventually join the Soul Society.
  • Passively stronger than his sister.
  • Shikai: zanpakuto takes the form of gauntlets that protect his arms and hands, allowing him to block an opponent's attacks. Gauntlets neutralize shock from impacts when he blocks.

Minion 6Edit

  • Sister of the twin pair; serves as the main attacker.
  • Appears to be around 14, like her brother.
  • Only minions to survive and later join the Soul Society.
  • Shikai: zanpakuto turns into a pair of bladed gauntlets. The blades are medium length, flat, double edged, and lie horizontal on the gauntlets. Each strike increases her own strength.

Minion 7Edit

  • Shikai: as the user loses more blood and comes closer to death, his power also increases.
  • Bankai: the user's blood is controlled by the will of the zanpakuto to create an independant shield to protect the user. The more blood lost, the more the shield gains in strength and size. The user can take control over the blood's movements any time to increase the speed and reaction time of it.

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