Day 1Edit

  • Kyou is busy on his computer, doing something, when his phone suddenly rings. When he answers, he is surprised to hear it is Ayase calling him. He automatically assumes it has to do something with Kirino and asks if she needs him to give his sister the phone to talk about but something. She tells him that she was actually wanting to ask him something rather personal but that she wants to do it in person. Kyou agrees, not asking for any details despite being curious, and asks when/where she would like to meet up. Ayase says she is at a park near his house and wants to talk now.
  • After hanging up, Kyou makes his way to the park, wondering what exactly Ayase wants to discuss. Some ideas pop into his head:
    • She wants to confess to him.
    • She somehow figured out Kirino's hobby.
    • She saw him and Ruri and wants to know what he is doing with an otaku girl her age.
  • He quickly dismisses most of these as being unlikely, although he still worries slightly about it being the second one. After a few more minutes of trying to guess what Ayase called him about, he arrives at the park and sees her sitting on a park bench, nervously rubbing her hands together. When she doesn't see him, Kyou calls out and starts making his way over to her. Ayase looks up and gives him a cute smile while motioning for him to take the seat next to her. A momentary, awkward silence follows as he waits for her to start talking. When she says nothing, he takes the initiative and tries making small talk to make her more comfortable. They talk for a while about various topics until she no longer seems nervous and he finally asks why she wanted to see him.
  • Ayase starts by asking him several questions:
    • What does he know about her work?
      • He answers that he doesn't know much beyond she models with Kirino.
    • What does he know about modeling in general?
      • He answers that he only really knows that they have their pictures taken, do interviews, and have to keep a pretty good public image if they want to stay working.
    • (Nervously) Does he have a girlfriend?
  • Kyou hears this and isn't sure how to respond as his mind immediately starts coming up with a scenario where she is confessing to him. Just before his 'daydream' gets to her saying it, he is pulled back to reality by her repeating the question even more nervously. He says that he isn't and then hesitantly asks if this is her way of confessing and asking him out. Ayase's face gets really red and she freaks out, calling him a pervert and that he is completely misunderstanding her intentions. She then goes on to explain – albeit somewhat nervously – that she is trying to get a contract with some big company that could boost her career but there is one problem standing in her way. It's for a company that caters to couples and only hire models in good relationships.
  • After she explains the situation, she asks if he would mind pretending to be her boyfriend for a few days to convince them to hire her. Kyou isn't sure what to say at first and a moment of silence follows as she He is pretty reluctant to agree, saying that he doesn't want Kirino to get mad and that there must be somebody better than him to help. She mutters something about there not being anybody else and, even if there were, she would still prefer him since she trusts him. He again tries to convince her otherwise but eventually agrees when she persuades him with a combination of offering to make him lunches for a month as a "thank you" and acting as cute as she can.

Day 2Edit

  • Ayase will call and come over to Kirino's house to tell her about the new job and the fact that they will not be working together nearly as much anymore. Kirino will be pretty angry because she assumes that Ayase had been planning this for a while and that she no longer wants to be friends. Kirino confronts her with this and the two fight for a while before delcaring themselves no longer friends.
  • Kyou, who was watching this, sees Ayase run out of the house crying and decides to go comfort her. Once he manages to follow her to the park and calm her down, they begin talking. Ayase will ask if Kirino had been hiding anything from her or if she was the only one being dishonest. He says no, but his hesitant tone makes her doubt this so she tries again, saying she really doesn't want to lose another friend because of everything that is happening.
  • Reluctantly, he tells her about Kirino's obsession with anime and eroge. Ayase gets mad, saying that she can't believe her former friend would lie to her about loving something that she herself finds disgusting. She then goes into a rant about why it is so bad and how betrayed she feels before once again breaking down and crying. To calm her down, he will point out how strong their friendship was before this and that is would be a shame for it to end over something like this.
  • Ayase does not buy into this and once again says how much she cannot stand otaku and anime. Kyou will give her his speech about how they aren't bad and that the hobby itself is actually pretty fun. They continue talking until she isn't totally against the hobby and eventually go their seperate ways because of the time.
  • Later that night, he is laying on his bed when he hears Kirino crying and saying Ayase's name repeatedly. Having heard enough, he calls Ruri and explains everything before asking for help. She berates him for messing up but agrees to try and get the girls back together again. He thanks her before hanging up and going to bed.

Day 3Edit

  • Ayase will call Kyou at 10 in the morning, waking him up from sleeping in because of being kept up all night by Kirino's crying, and ask him to come over to her house so she can discuss something important. He agrees and hangs up.
  • After hanging up and getting ready, he heads downstairs to make a cup of tea and sees Kirino on the couch, a sad expression on her face. He watches silently as she goes through her phone without ackowledging him. He finishes his tea and is walking out the door when he hears her start crying. After hearing that, he decides to call Ruri and explains what he just saw before he asks her for to meet him at Ayase's. She agrees and hangs up.
  • They soon meet up in front of her house and together go knock on the front door. Ayase opens it with a really happy expression and is about to greet him when she notices Ruri behind him. She asks Kyou who the girl is and why he brought her with him. He quickly explains that they are there to try and get her and Kirino to make up, which makes Ayase pretty upset. She tries to close the door on them, saying she wants nothing to do with "that perverted liar" anymore but Kyou points out that she had essentially done the same to Kirino by hiding the job offer for so long.
  • She says that it isn't the same thing at all and that what Kirino did was much worse. He tries to point out facts of their long time friendship but she counters this as well. Eventually Ruri has enough of this and tells them to shut up and stop fighting. Ayase gets mad at how she rudely stepped in and demands to know who she really is, claiming Ruri has no right to interfere. Ruri says that her friendship with Kirino is all the right she needs to have for trying to get them back together.
    • "I'm Kirino's friend and for as annoying as she is, I care for her well being. And her crying all day and night isn't exactly her being well."
  • This catches Ayase off guard and Kyou thanks "Kuroneko". This catches Ayase's attention and she demands to know what sort of weird name that is. Ruri tries to explain it with her usual otaku reasoning but Kyou stops her and asks if they can go inside to talk more. Ayase leads them into the living room and they proceed to convince her to meet with Kirino. She becomes emotional and says that she really doesn't want to lose her best friend but is just so frustrated with the situation. Ruri points out it is just a hobby and that it doesn't change who she is. Ultimately Ayase agrees and thanks them for helping.
  • With that settled, Kyou changes the subject to ask what she wanted him to come over for in the first place. Ayase's face suddenly becomes red and she looks down at her lap before quietly saying that she needs him to go on a date with him. Ruri immediately misunderstands and demands Kyou to explain why he "lied" about he and Ayase dating.
  • He tries to explain it but is interrupted by Ayase, who gives Ruri a creeped out look and says something along the lines of "Me?! I thought YOU were his girlfriend!", which causes Ruri to blush as she denies it. The girls continue to go back and forth for a while before Kyou calms them down and explains the whole situation. After Ruri knows everything, Ayase continues that she needs him to go with her to lunch with the company reps before they go out on a 'date'.
  • Kyou says that they never agreed on the date and starts to have second thoughts but those are quickly put aside when Ayase says she will cook him lunch for a month. Ruri gets jealous (for reasons she doesn't get) but says nothing and manages to hide this. She then says that she had something else she needed to do and leaves them to their 'date', saying that word in annoyance. Once Ruri is gone, Ayase says that she needs to get ready and he should as well.
  • He is about to ask what she means by this when she grabs him by the hand and drags him up to her room. After digging around in her closet for a minute, she pulls out some more formal clothes for him and says that he needs to wear those since the company is more strict than she let on. He sighs before grabbing the clothes and walking out to get ready, ending the scene.
  • Meanwhile, Ruri will be at the store buying some groceries with a sad and thoughtful like expression. She would be waiting for the woman or man to pack what she ordered. She would then proceed and start to go home.
  • With that, well make her thoughts all the way home.
    • Is it a real date?
    • Why is he helping her?
    • Why does he want my help?
    • Was it really because of Kirino?
  • She would eventually get home, and her sisters would pester her once more, asking stuff like "How was your date with "Kyou-onii-san?" She would of course try to deny it and all as always, saying she didn't go out for that. They would not budge and pester her some more.
  • After that, she would just make them bugger off into their room or something. So, she would go into her room, and be even more bothered with the Ayase situation. She would think a lot of stuff and then eventually ask herself "Do I... like him...?" She would sigh and lay down and say "I don't really know..."
  • After that her elder younger sister will be peeking at the door. She would enter and say that she looks sad or something. Ruri would just say she shouldn't interfere and that she'll be fine. Her sister would just say that she's always like that, and that's why she's always sad. Ruri would say a low tone "I guess..." and after doing so, there'll be a small awkward silence.
    Then Ruri will ask her "Do you... think... I should give my dark heart a chance at purity?" (Or something like that, with her darker manner of speaking). Her sister wouldn't get it, and Ruri would just sigh, give a small smile, and get up and say thanks to her sister. Her sister would be even more confused as walks out of her room and goes directly to the kitchen.
  • Ruri starts going through her groceries and starts thinking that if Ayase is going to cook for Kyou, that she will do even better. She also says something that shows her determination to confess to Kyou, get closer to him, and eventually get him to return her feelings. The scene ends with her sisters spying on her from another room and wondering what has her acting so weird, even if it is nice to see her excited and not mad at them.
  • Then we would cut to the company building, they would exit from a taxi and look to the building, with Kyou getting really impressed by the size of it. Ayase will be walking while he is looking, only for her to call him out of his distraction. They would go into the reception and say they have an appointment, so receptionist would proceed to tell them the floor and room.
  • They would go up the elevator, have some awkward moment into the elevator, so when it opens there's someone looking weirdly to them doing whatever. We would then cut to when they reach the room. They would simply knock and a voice would say for them to get in.
  • The man would say that he was waiting for them, and comment on the impecable timing. They would sit down, and he or she would complement them saying that they're quite the couple, which makes them blush a little and thank him nervously. Afterwards, Ayase would them ask him directly for the contract or something. He would say that he still needs to put them to a test to see if it is the truth, saying that he can't do much about it, because it is in the contract.
  • He would then invite them for lunch, which they accept. As they are leaving his office, he would go up ahead while Ayase and Kyou would chat a bit in whispers about the weird guy. After doing so, they would descend and walk get another taxi, while the man would get in the front seat and the two of them will go on the back seat. Ayase would them whisper some stuff to Kyou saying what to do and all, and to not screw it up.
  • They would then arrive at a VERY expensive looking like place. They enter the restaurant, which already had a reservation at. Kyou would be a gentleman due to Ayase's orders and pull her chair for her to sit, which the guy would smirk about. They would sit, and the waiter/waitress would get their order before the company man starts asking about their relationship.
  • She would make some shit up about the relationship and tell her background as a model. After doing so and the guy girl be "fascinated" with it, he would say something like for him they would already be approved, but he has to follow the rule and would then start to ask about Kyou's. Ayase would have instruct him to lie and tell something cool and kind of fascinating, like if he was rich or some star of some kind.
  • After they talked for a bit their orders would arrive. The guy would say it's better to eat first and continue their talk afterwards. Kyou would try to eat "formally" and Ayase would kick him each time he starts to mess up, which happens a lot.
  • In the middle of the meal, the guy girl would already have finished his smaller meal and ask them to excuse him. After he's out of sight, she would be mad with him for a moment pointing out he screwd up a lot, saying that if she doesn't get it it's his fault. He would say that is going a little far and as soon as they see the guy getting back, they would go back to eating.
  • Once they're done, the guy girl would ask them if they liked the meal, which they would point out it was really good. He would then be more precise and ask about more direct and specific questions about their relationship. They would make up a lot of stuff, some of which would contradict itself a bit. The guy would say that he thinks things look pretty good and that they should meet again in 2 days. Ayase complains about why not at that day, which he just says he has to report to his higher-ups first to finalize things. They would agree and the guy would ask the waiter the bill.
  • Kyou would just agree and they would leave in the same fashion they came in. On the way back to the company building, Ayase and Kyou will quietly talk in the back seat of the taxi about how things went. They finally arrive and the man would ask if they want him to have the taxi take them home, which they refuse after thinking a bit, saying they have to do something nearby and that they'll simply go on foot.
  • As they start walking away, the man will make a call and instruct somebody to follow them around for the next few days, to make sure they really are a couple. He says that they are not to get close, get noticed, etc.
  • After that, we would cut to when they're back at Ayase's. Ayase would thank him, and say that without him she would not be able to do it. He would say that it was nothing and that it was for a friend and a good cause. She would thank him again and get in. Kyou from the gate would sigh out, thinking of how much of a pain was that day before heading back home.
  • The final scene takes places during night time, Kyou would be at his room. So, a few minutes past with him on his thoughts about the day, thinking how it was a sucessful mission with Ayase and how he is a bit worried on Ruri's behaviour.
  • Eventually, Kirino would actually enter his room slowly, which would startle him for a second. Kirino would then ask for some additional "life counceling". Once they are both in her room he would ask her whats up, and she would ask him if he is dating Ayase and whether that is why Ayase wants that job in a new company.
  • He would start to deny it, but she would interrupt him and say that she knew it automatically when Ayase said she was applying for a job in that company because of its policy. She would then get angry at him, saying it is his fault. Kyou would try to explain and she would interrupt him again asking how could he do that to her, saying that he promised to help her to develop her anime thing, but it was not for him to ruin her normal life
  • She would scream that she hates him multiple times. He would be a little startled as she would fall on her knees crying, asking him why did he do that to her and saying he's a terrible brother. Kyou would try to explain again but she would quickly stop him and demand he leave her room. Anytime he tries to speak again, she would scream for him to leave until he gives up and leaves quietly. Just as he reaches the door, she would say she hates him again and then say that she never wants to talk to him again. He leaves as she would continue crying.
  • Once he is out, he would have a sad expression, and he would overhear she crying a bit more. He would go to his room, and he would stop hearing the crying. He calls Ruri, who is in the kitchen cooking something. Kyou would say Kirino is on a pretty bad breakdown and ask her for help, saying that she'll do her best. The scene and day ends shortly after.

Day 4Edit

  • company would see him with Ruri

Day 5Edit

  • With that settled, Kyou goes to talk with Kirino and the same thing pretty much repeats. He tries to convince her that their friendship is worth fighting for and that she shouldn't be mad at Ayase for trying to hide her new job from her when Kirino did the same thing. It takes a lot more work, but he eventually manages to get his sister to agree with similar terms.
  • At the meeting the next day, the girls start out talking somewhat sadly but it becomes more heated as each isn't willing to forgive the other for what they lied about. Ayase starts yelling how mad she is that Kirino not only likes something so disgusting and immoral, but that she would lie to her best friend about it for years. Kirino will scream that she is mad that Ayase had the nerve to try and keep her new job from her while secretly having Kyou help her do it.
  • After a while both girls are out of breath and Ruri, becoming annoyed with their stubborn attitudes, starts walking towards them despite Kyou begging her not to. Neither Ayase nor Kirino have time to say anything about her appearance before Ruri gives them a long and irritated speech of why they should just shut up and make up. At the end, she will say that Kyou taught her something like:
    • "Stop being dumb. You're friends, act like it then. Friends are made to go through everything and help eachother. Make joyous moments and laugh togheter. Ugh, it angers me how you two fought over something so simple."
  • She will say this in a way that implies something of her developing feelings for him and both girls catch up on this. When they confront her on this fact, she grows red and stops talking. After a moment of silence she regains her composure enough to order them to just make up already before turning around and walking quickly off in the direction of Kyou. Ayase and Kirino finally make up and hug, much to Kyou's relief. He turns to Ruri and asks her what she said to finally make them stop fighting. She blushes slightly and gives a generic answer before walking away. The scene ends with him thinking that she really is incredible for being able to stop their fighting and get them to make up so quickly.

Day 6Edit

  • company rejecting Ayase because of Ruri and Kyou's togheter

Day 7Edit

  • she is accepted by the company, with Kirino's help, maybe.

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