Day before the ComiketEdit

  • Kyou will be in his room, trying to play the new eroge fighting game that Kirino told him to play but he will continually stop playing it to do other things.
    • Examples of things will be him talking to Ruri and Saori, looking at his dirty magazines, etc.
  • After a while, the door will ring with the delivery from Saori. Things will happen like they did in the anime, until he snatches it from Kirino.
  • He will run into his room and lock the door before hurriedly trying to hide the box. He is interrrupted though and has to lean against the door as Kirino starts pounding on it with demands for him to give her the box and an explanation.
  • Eventually Ayase calms her down enough and Kirino storms off.
  • After a long enough wait, he hears the front door open and close so he decides to go and try to explain everything to Kirino. Before he can, however, a knock comes from the front door and he opens it to see Ayase, who had forgotten her phone.
  • They talk for a while about the same things as in the anime before exchanging numbers and her leaving.
  • He finds Kirino, apologizes to her, explains why he really took the box, and what is in it. She accepts the apology only after demanding that he take her to the summer comiket.

Day of the ComiketEdit

  • Kyou, Ruri, Saori, and Kirino are standing in line at the comiket, talking about the comiket.
  • After a while, another, very attractive girl dressed in Queen of Darkness cosplay – which is better than Ruri's – will walk up to Ruri and spill her drink on her. While everyone is standing there, trying to understand what just happened, the girl (tall, long black hair, red eyes, relatively large breasts) will tell Ruri that she should just take off her rediculous outfit.
  • Before a sad looking Ruri can say anything, Kyou gets between them and starts telling the girl off and defending Ruri. Eventually the girl just gives up and walks away, pissed off.
  • Kyou will help Ruri out of her wet jacket and make a quiet comment about how she looks even cuter without it. She thanks him with a blush and turns away. As Kirino tries to say something, the announcer says that the comiket has begun and gives directions for entering.
  • The scene will then cut to when Kirino finds out that the game she wanted is sold out, before being told of where they can find another copy. They then go to the game competition and Kirino immediately loses like before. Ruri then takes her try and wins just like before.
  • As Ruri gives Kirino the game, Kirino says that there is no way she is better, challenging her to a game. The staff member on staff hears and lets them use the big screen for the "rival match". Ruri wins and Kirino demands a rematch, which she also loses. This repeats several times until Ruri says she has had enough and starts walking off stage. Kirino says that she was really wanting that game. Ruri just shakes her head, walks up to her and hands her the game.
  • Kirino looks at her in confusion and Ruri just says that obviously she had no intention of playing a game like that, so Kirino should keep it instead.
  • Some time during the Comiket, Ruri learns that there is a competition for a rare, signed Queen of Darkness figure.
    • The group will go to watch and Ruri will hope to participate (and is eventually picked by Kanata) but gets saddened when she hears the rules, thinking she won't be able to do it.
      • It is a team competition of two people in 4 teams; one male and one female.
      • One must run on a set course around the Comiket, pressing buttons at each checkpoint.
      • Each button triggers a question for the other player, who must answer right before the runner can move on to the next one; there are a total of 10 questions. One wrong answer equals instant elimination.
      • The answers are judged on accuracy by a mystery judge who is little more but lone a shadowy figure sitting at a dark table (she is really Kanata Kurusu).
      • Whoever answers everything right first, is the winner.
    • Kyou notices this and decides to offer his help, which she gladly accepts.
    • Meanwhile, Kirino says she doesn't want to watch her brother run around like an idiot for a competition about Maschera and would rather go look at more industry booths. Kyou says that he doesn't want her to go anywhere alone in an unfamiliar place but Saori – not wanting Kanata to see her – says she will go with her.
    • Kyou allows it and both pairs go their separate ways.
    • Things eventually come down to them and a couple. The other guy manages to hit the button way before Kyou does but his girlfriend answers wrong, allowing Ruri to get it and win (Kyou must still hit the button before she can answer).
    • After the competition, the second place couple will walk up and congratulate them on winning, saying that Ruri and Kyou make a good couple.
    • They get embarrassed and deny it, much to the other couple's shock. They then leave with a comment about how it was a shame and that they would look cute together.
  • After the competition the four of them will be meeting up for a lunch at a nearby cafe. Saori will congratulate them on winning and ask to look at the prize, which Ruri reluctantly allows. Kirino will be rather jealous that Kyou helped Ruri win something like that but conceal it by making some remark about how he ended up being slower or fake shock at him being useful.
  • Eventually, as they are walking down the street, Kanako (who was sitting on a bench texting) will notice them and call out for Kirino and be really surprised that she is an otaku. They talk for a while about Kirino's hobby and how Kanako doesn't really care if she likes all of that or not
  • Suddenly, Kanata comes out of nowhere (disguised in sunglasses and a hat to hide her indentity from rabid fans) and immediately recognizes Saori. They talk a little, catching up on events before Kyou recognizes the voice and asks whether she was the judge at the competition. Kanata nods but doesn't say much else as Ruri immediately questions who she really is to know so much about the show. She apologizes and removes her "disguise", saying that she was used to people automatically recognizing her in public. After they hat and glasses are off, she properly introduces herself. When Kanata introduces herself, Ruri becomes very silent and just stares at her for a while.
  • Kirino makes a whispered comment that snaps Ruri snap out of it and quickly introduce herself as a hug fan, praise her work, etc. About half way through, Kyou will step in and calm her down a little and she will blush in embarrassment. Kanata just laughs though, saying she gets that all the time, and invites them to eat with her and Kanako to speak more in private.
  • After some brief introductions of everyone else, they start walking in the direction of a cafe.
  • Scene then transitions to them already sitting at a table in the cafe, talking about something.
  • Kyou and Kanako, not being otaku themselves, will eventually start talking while the others are (we will not go into detail about what the other girls discuss).
    • They can start off with her first making the observation that he doesn't seem to be like the others and asking why he is with them if he's not an otaku.
    •  He will give his answer someting along the lines of them still being friends and to support his sister's hobby like an older brother should.
    • Then she can either laugh at that or make a more negative comment.
    • After talking about him for a while, he starts asking about herself. Things like why she lives with her sister, why she doesn't seem bothered with the 4 others being otaku, and maybe just what she does for her job.
    • After that, probably just them talking about how it's weird that they both have otaku siblings or remark on the difficulties that might have arrised from it.
    • She then quietly makes a remark that lightly hints at something between him and Ruri, which he will be quick to deny anything beyond friendship.
  • After his particularly lound response, Kirino will notice that they are talking and get pissed, accusing him of being a creep, pedophile, and lolicon for talking to her friend without permission.
  • After bickering for a while, the food will arrive and the scene ends with them saying their "Itadakimasmu!".
  • They would be already outside, somewhere close to where Saori, Ruri Kyou and Krinio will get whatever will take them home, Kanako and Kanata would give them ze byes, and they would walk towards their ride
  • While walking, Soari and Kirino up front, Ruri would pull Kyou's coat from behind and make him stop. Kirino and Saori would not notice and continue walking.
  • Kyou would stop and look back and she would blush a bit and thank him for everything he did for her today but to not get used to it.
    • He would smile and say they're friends, and that's what friends do to each other.
    • Ruri would then just say a low tone "I guess."
    • Kyou wouldn't understand at first and ask her what'd she said
    • She would say nothing, and say that they should continue walking.

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